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yes, i'm alive.

i'm currently cross-posting my fics to AO3, because i finally made an account wooohooo
check it out here

i'm hoping that this will motivate me to write again, this slump has lasted far too long, but i'm hesitant to make promises.

love you guys <3

Without You

Title: Without You
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Focus: Dongwoo/Hoya
Summary: Infinite H starts their promotions, and Dongwoo has some problems.
A/N: HI. I'M BACK. For real this time, none of that posting and then disappearing crap. I'm writing again! This is inspired by my freaking otp and their sexy freaking song that gives me lots of feelings. ugh

He didn’t really factor in the fact that he and Howon were going to spend a lot of time together. A lot of time. Alone. Dongwoo’s not really sure that it’s such a great idea anymore.Collapse )

i'm writing again omg

guys. GUYS. i'm here, i- i'm on the site again. oh lordy it's been too long. i am about to start a fic RIGHT NOW omg. it's been months but i finally have inspiration and time and i just. missed this.

i don't know when i'll post something new, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, but i'm writing again. it feels good.

and psst..............it's exo :D

Tell Me Your Wish (Chapter 4)

Title: Tell Me Your Wish (Chapter 4)
Rating: PG-13 (overall)
Pairing/Focus: Sunggyu/Woohyun; various others
Summary: Woohyun doesn't believe in fairy tales.  So when he buys an old golden lamp for a history project, the last thing he expects is, well, Myungsoo.

A/N: i wrote an extra long chapter because it's been forever since i've updated ;_; to those of you who actually read this, i'm sorry! i have several fic ideas in the works, but with school, i can't promise when i can post again. but let's hope for the best! also, you meet the rest of the boys in this chapter :) happy reading!

“You’re such a buzzkill,” Woohyun mutters under his breath, swallowing the bite of apple.Collapse )

Dead Man's Chest [1/2]

Title: Dead Man's Chest
Pairing/Focus: Sunggyu/Woohyun
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Sunggyu’s past comes back to haunt him, he finds himself in a dangerous situation.
Final word count: 12,521

A/N: ugh. wrote this for dashidorawa's minibang. obviously i don't understand the concept of "mini". *sigh* this was supposed to be the story behind the chaser mv, with motorcycles and flipping cars and stuff. i even set up the characters that way, but my mind ran away with it. oh well. at least the key is semi-relevant. also, i'm thinking of continuing this....thoughts?

“They’re gone. The files. Sunggyu- all my files are gone. I think I’ve been robbed.”Collapse )

Sugar and Cream

Title: Sugar and Cream
Pairing/Focus: Dongwoo/Hoya
Rating: PG; 6,000+ words
Summary: In which Dongwoo falls in love in exactly six days.

A/N: okay so i wrote this for a secret santa last christmas and totally forgot about posting it to my own journal OTL. so enjoy? also this is like super sugary sweet fluff you will probably gag and die sorry

Howon's jacket smells like an intoxicating mixture of peppermint and coffee; he tries not to inhale too loudly.Collapse )

What If

Title: What If
Pairing/Focus: None (well ,maybe if you squint...)
Rating: G
Summary: Ten instances where infinite doesn't mean forever (or ten AUs of what could have happened)


Infinite starts to fall apart two years after their debut.Collapse )


Title: Vertigo
Pairing/Focus: Dongwoo/Hoya
Rating: PG-13 (being safe)
Summary: It's prom night, and Hoya decides to take a chance.

It had all started according to plan.Collapse )

Dear True Love

Title: Dear True Love
Pairing/Focus: Sunggyu/Woohyun, (friendship!)Dongwoo/Sunggyu
Rating: PG
Summary: Dongwoo keeps hearing his name, and he finally gets to meet him.

A/N: ugh please ignore my terrible summary writing skills. this fic is special: a little sad, a little sweet. but the song that i got the title from (this song) is UNBELIEVABLY PERFECT. just- just listen. i recommend listening to it while you read, it makes the fic flow better. woohyun's famous kite/string line literally sounds like it could be a line in this song. also, it's so beautiful i want to cry ;_;

You're my one true love.Collapse )